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December 2015

December 24, 2015

Things That Terrify Me

Pregnancy seems super exciting until it happens…then…everything is terrifying…like…

admin-ajax (2)1.Miscarriage.

Pregnancy is scary no matter what.  Pregnancy after a miscarriage is really, really hard.  It’s wonderful and a miracle and amazing, and you’re extra grateful of course. 

But the fear is always there, it never leaves.

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love and loss quote
December 17, 2015

My Baby is a Butthead

 my breech baby during pregnancy

photo: caitlin custer

10 things to do when your kiddo is breech and you’ve been on bed rest for 6 weeks.

admin-ajax (2) 1.Cry.

This is the most effective way of releasing frustration.  Convenience factor is high.  It can be done anywhere. Bonus points for pitch, clarity, and duration.

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December 10, 2015

Why Love Hard?

Lovehard is a new lifestyle blog about babies, travel, and love

photo: Paperplane Magazine

Hi!  I’m Katie, and welcome to Love Hard,

A lifestyle blog about loving the crap out of babies and travel and crafts and friendship and stuff…

“crap” was an unfortunate word choice for babies….

I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant and on bed rest at the moment, so while the focus of this blog will shift later to travels and mommyhood and interviews of interesting and inspiring humans, there will be a lot of pregnancy rants for now.  I hope they make you laugh and commiserate, because…

Pregnancy is crazy.


But insane.

And I’m sure motherhood will be the same.

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