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January 2016

Conversations with my husband and mom in our first 3 days home from the hospital.

admin-ajax (2)Day 1 at home… 5 days old

Me: I have no idea if I’m doing anything right…

Mom: Anything that happens in the first week doesn’t count.

First two weeks.

Maybe the first month.

This is about survival.

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January 12, 2016

Baby Time

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photo: caitlin custer

photo: caitlin custer

In three days.

Not that I’m counting.

Today, I send this blog into the world for the first time…

I starting writing in mid-november, when I was put on bed rest for 6 weeks after a very healthy and un-exciting pregnancy…except that at 7 1/2 months I had been having contractions every 20-30 minutes for weeks.

Which I thought was normal.

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