5 Comfort Essentials for Pregnancy


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You’re pregnant.  Uncomfortable.  And super grumps.  These things will help.

admin-ajax (2) 1. Comfy MATERNITY clothes

I can’t comment on work clothes, since my job is weird and I can basically live in pajamas, and I foolishly thought I could get away with wearing my own yoga and pajama pants throughout my pregnancy.  I would just wear them really low, under the belly.  HAH.   This sort of worked for about 6 months…meaning I decided that constant pelvic pressure was normal and not from the waist band of my favorite leggings.  Then I went up to San Francisco to shoot for GAP, and they gave me actual maternity yoga pants to put on…and my brain exploded from happiness.  The pants above are my favorite… harem style, light as clouds.  I had to get a second pair after a month because I’ve worn them almost all the way through.  Anything from the “modal” line is super soft and awesome.

The bra is from GAP as well, I have it in two colors.  Actually supportive without under wire (under wire + pregnancy heartburn = NO.) and seems like they’ll be easy to breast feed in…we shall see!  As for tank tops and t-shirts, Target has really good basics.  (I also thought I could get away my own over-sized shirts, but they’re never long enough so you get that  “under-belly-sticking-out-from-under-your-shirt” thing…pure class.)

Extra Credit:  Steal your husband/boyfriend/partner/giant male friend’s flannels.  Never give them back.

admin-ajax (2) 2. Pillows

I didn’t get the giant, “take up the entire bed” pregnancy pillow, since I already share my bed with my giant lumberjack husband and our dogs.  But there were two pillows that saved me… The Boppy Wedge pillow that fits just under the belly when you’re on your side so your back is happy, and the Contour Wedge for when you want to sleep on your back (I haven’t tried the massage option yet).  Otherwise, you can easily get by with random pillows between your legs, under your head (duh), and wherever else you want pillows.  Become a pillow monster.  It’s fun.

Extra Credit: Get that giant stuffed bear from Costco.  It makes for some stellar couch naps.

admin-ajax (2) 3. Prunes

These are important.  See The Hard Poop on Pregnancy poop emoji

admin-ajax (2) 4. Oils

Around 5 months, my belly started itching so hardcore it was like there were 10,000 ants on it.  To combat this, I have several things I rotate.  Like 47 times a day.

  • Crack Oil” (Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus line… I use the oil and the body butter.  It’s seriously crack.  I brought it to set in September while shooting Season 3 of my favorite show, Living With Models, and by the end, everyone was using it.  All the boys.  Everyone.
  • If you’re feeling fancy, I love Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter and Oil.  They’re expensive, and since I go through a whole tub in a month…not practical.  But I registered for some and it’s a nice treat when I’m particularly grumpy.

Extra Credit: At the end of the day, if you don’t want to buy special belly things, just drown yourself in coconut oil.  It’s the best.  Plus you can use it as leave in hair-conditioner and chapstick…and 30 billion other uses..according to Pinterest.

admin-ajax (2) 5. Balls

Specifically, a giant “birth ball“.  (Be prepared for the irony of opening your birth ball and reading “not suitable for pregnant woman” on the directions…oh, lawsuits.)  But for reals, this ball makes me so happy.  You can sit on it, lean on it, put your feet up on it.  It’s supposedly fantastic for labor, but since our kiddo is breech and I’m having a planned c-section, it’s function has been to help my back and hips stay loose (or as loose as possible when they’re holding up a 36lb belly) by keeping you in constant motion so your muscles don’t seize up.  Plus, I hear they’re great for bouncing your baby to sleep!

Extra Credit: Put two tennis balls in a sock and lay on them to massage out knots in your back/hips/etc.  If getting on the floor is not an option, lean up against the wall and use them that way.  It will hurt.  But in a good way.

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What are your favorite tips for pregnancy comfort?

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