Husband and Wife

An Ode to My Lumberjack


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Alternative title- I married Ron Swanson

admin-ajaxIt has been 15 years, and I am still completely in love with my husband.


I am bewitched.

I am ensorcelled (Aaron Sorkin used this word in an episode of the West Wing and therefore it must be a real word).

I’m surrounded by a lot of male models and actors.

I realize, to some people, this sounds appealing.

Now…there is nothing wrong with someone who knows that foundation is something that goes on your face as well as something you build a house on, who wants to be in magazines and likes to wear stylish things and have pictures of his face, who is clean and groomed and wears skinny jeans. These people are wonderful, and I love them…

I just don’t, particularly, want to have sex with them.

I want to have sex with someone who, if we were stranded in the woods, could build us shelter, find food, and keep us alive.

Enter, my husband.

admin-ajax (2)He is man.

admin-ajax (2)He makes furniture out of wood.

admin-ajax (2)He’s had a beard since before it was ironic.

admin-ajax (2)He wears flannel because he likes it and it keeps him warm while he’s outside hiking in the wilderness and getting dirty and making things with his own bare hands.

admin-ajax (2)He makes beer and then makes the keg it’s in and then drinks it.

admin-ajax (2)He wrestles our giant dogs and gets sweaty and gross and sometimes forgets to shower.

And on the flip side…

admin-ajax (2)He tenderly cares for the garden on our balcony with a sentimentality I reserve for Harry Potter baby paraphernalia and chocolate and peanut butter combinations.

admin-ajax (2)He takes beautiful photos of flowers and animals and develops them himself.

admin-ajax (2)He cooks delicious 3 course meals from scratch.

admin-ajax (2)He learns the banjo, ukulele, and guitar so he can sing to his son while he rocks him to sleep.

admin-ajax (2)He listens to and talks me through mental breakdowns and anxious moments, and holds me for hours if I need to cry or complain or just be held dammit.

He’s the most sensitive lumberjack there is.admin-ajax

And he does this all with more quiet humility than anyone I have ever known.

And that is why I am obsessed with him.

That, and the fact that, when I asked him if he had any 2016 New Years resolutions, he said nonchalantly

“Not really, just things I was going to do anyways ”

Oh yeah? Like what?

…as he walks out of the room…

admin-ajax (2)Be a good dad.

admin-ajax (2)Be a good husband.

admin-ajax (2)Start a business.

admin-ajax (2)Be a mother fucking sorcerer.

And then I got pregnant.

Alas, no….I was actually already very pregnant and on bed rest when this conversation happened…but I got pregnant in my brain.


What most attracts you to your partner?

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