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” Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Jess Bailey is a creativity machine.

Kind, generous, faithful, and honest- She’s a loving wife, sister, daughter, and mama-to-be.  She’ll put you at ease with her bubbly, positive personality and then knock you out with her general badass-ery.

This chick gets shit done.

*disclaimer- Jess was 3 months pregnant and I was breast-feeding when we did this interview.  There were hormones everywhere.  Just… hormones flying through the air, smacking into each other, and bursting into tears.  It was intense.


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Maternity photo of mom to be Jess Bailey


Briana Hicks is an amazing mama to 19-month-old Luca.  She is a fierce animal lover, a world traveler, a protective and loving wife, daughter, and sister, and a ridiculously stunning model and commercial actress.

She was my first friend in LA.

Intimidating?  You bet your ass.

But under that stunning exterior is the softest, kindest heart and most generous and compassionate soul.

She’s one of those people that’s so nice you can’t help but love them even though your initial instinct is to be so jealous that your brain explodes into a thousand little green envy monsters.

Read on… you’ll love her.


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interview with lauren reeder

photo: caitlin custer

Lauren Reeder is a hysterical actress, a brilliant writer, a constant creator, a love-er of cats with silly hats, a seriously good gift-giver, and one of my closest friends.

She’s a do-er.  Someone who sees what she wants, and goes after it.

She’s an inspiration.

She loves hard.admin-ajax

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interview with lauren reeder

person to love hard: yourself

Love Yourself First.

I thought it was important to interview myself first…to show the importance of self-love.

So, naturally, I didn’t.

Because loving yourself is hard.

I put off this post for months.

I interviewed my friend Lauren first, and then she forced me to be interviewed.

But I’m gonna post mine first.

Because, love yourself first dammit!

Or fake it until you do…

…or have awesome friends.

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interview with katie savoy