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January 7, 2016

Promises To Our Son


photo: caitlin custer

My husband and I recently celebrated the 15 year anniversary of when we started dating…8 years of marriage.

We sat on our balcony (I was still on bed rest so balcony was SUPER exciting.) and wrote some promises to our son.  I know this list will evolve as he gets older, and that promise is a strong word…but we will try our hardest…and it’s a start.

I re-read it this morning.  And then I cried.



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December 24, 2015

Things That Terrify Me

Pregnancy seems super exciting until it happens…then…everything is terrifying…like…

admin-ajax (2)1.Miscarriage.

Pregnancy is scary no matter what.  Pregnancy after a miscarriage is really, really hard.  It’s wonderful and a miracle and amazing, and you’re extra grateful of course. 

But the fear is always there, it never leaves.

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love and loss quote
December 17, 2015

My Baby is a Butthead

 my breech baby during pregnancy

photo: caitlin custer

10 things to do when your kiddo is breech and you’ve been on bed rest for 6 weeks.

admin-ajax (2) 1.Cry.

This is the most effective way of releasing frustration.  Convenience factor is high.  It can be done anywhere. Bonus points for pitch, clarity, and duration.

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