Humans fascinate me.  At least their thought processes do.  Maybe it’s being brought up by two psychologists…

No, that’s definitely it.

We were always taught to try to see things from the other person’s perspective.  At 6 years old, this was a tactic to get us to not punch other kids in the face for stealing our toys.

It usually worked.

So I’m using this blog as an excuse to interview all of my favorite humans…and then to meet new favorite humans and interview them.


I’ll always start with a quick bio and the question:

                                  admin-ajaxWhat do you love hard?

Then it will be broken down into 6 sections:

  • Journey  Your Path
    • Walk me through what brought you to the point you are in life now, where you started and when you knew what you wanted to do?
    • Were there significant events, obstacles, people, or choices that have helped to shape you and which of these had the biggest influence on your life so far?
  • Destination  Exploration and Wanderlust
    • Where do you live now and where would you choose to live if you could live anywhere in the world, in any sort of dwelling?  Dream big.
    • Is there a place you have lived or visited that was particularly special, influential, or inspiring to you?
  • Inspiration  Spark, Dream, Discover
    • What gives you inspiration and when you’re low, who do you watch, where do you go, or what do you do to reawaken it?
    • What makes you feel like you can fly?
  • Creativity  Make, Write, Create
    • How does your creativity manifest itself?
    • Where do you get your drive to create and do you have any advice on how to stay creative?
  • Nourish  Caring for Yourself
    • Are there any rituals or habits that you do to feed your soul and fill yourself up, and what is the hardest part of self care?
    • Do you ask for help and if so, is it hard, and how can you do it better?  If not, is there something in solitude that is nurturing for you?
  • Nurture  Caring for Others
    • How do you give back?  Charity?  Volunteering?  Friends? Family?
    • What is love and friendship to you, and how do you show love?


(These are all questions that speak to me and I selfishly want answers- in order to live vicariously through other people’s brilliance and steal their ideas)

At the end, I’ll sum it all up and give you links to sites to further explore the awesomeness of these humans, and the things they love.