Love is… Bed Rest Edition


When you’re on bed rest for 6 weeks, the hardest part is asking for help.  But I did, and my friends and family went waaaaaay overboard.  And then I had emotions about it.

Love is…

admin-ajax (2) taking your frantic Facetime calls even when they’re at work, and secretly listening to you have a mental breakdown about stupid things while they run a movie studio in the background.

admin-ajax (2) coming over for weekly “work dates” where you work for 5 minutes and gossip and laugh for 3 hours

admin-ajax (2) bringing you grown up coloring books and crafts and sitting next to you watching mindless television while coloring pictures of peacocks

admin-ajax (2) sending care packages with yummy essential oils for baths (aka…the only time you don’t weigh 10,000 pounds)

admin-ajax (2) stopping by to “Christmas Elf” your home and hanging lights everywhere, putting up all the decorations, and singing Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs on repeat

admin-ajax (2) stealing their friend’s newborn baby and bringing it over for “baby therapy” so you can cuddle it

admin-ajax (2) hiring a prenatal massage therapist and cleaning companies to make your life amazing

admin-ajax (2) bringing food, picking up groceries, and texting daily check-ins

admin-ajax (2) running over to take your crazy dog out for some exercise after she sees a squirrel on the balcony and proceeds to have a 2 hour panic attack

admin-ajax (2) “Baby Santa”ing you endless hand-me down clothes, car seats, tubs, swings, and carriers.

admin-ajax (2) and (ONLY IN LA) showing up in full French Maid costume to do your laundry.  (she may, or may not have had an commercial audition that called for this on the way over)



So ready to pay it all back.



Do you ask for help?  How do you help others?


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