September 8, 2016

Post Partem WTF.


Alt. title- “Let’s talk about unwanted bodily fluids.”

So, you spend 10 months growing a human being inside your body.

You ache, you pee, you have weird growths and skin tags and unwanted hair, you fart …just….all the time.

You think, this is it, this is the worst part.  After the baby comes, everything will go back to normal.

Then the baby comes.

And the universe says MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you’re dumb.

Here are some super fun things to look forward to after you bring home your screaming squishy alien bundle of joy/poop!

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Pregnancy post partum


I am currently crushing hard on Hutton + Grey’s handmade burp cloths.  

I’m been obsessively minimal with baby things, and stuck with really neutral colors and prints for most of my babe’s stuff, but these are just too cute.

I get compliments on them constantly, they’re super soft and absorbent, and they fold up really small which makes them very portable.  I’ve been traveling for the past two weeks and these are the only ones we brought!

My old roommate Tracey, wonderful mama to 15 month old twins (eek!), founded this company with two other mama friends.

I can barely find time to write this post, so I’m extremely impressed with starting a business while chasing tiny humans.

They also have the cutest bloomers, which I haven’t tried because we cloth diaper so I already have a million covers, but check out their adorable patterns at and follow them on Instagram at @huttonandgrey


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Briana Hicks is an amazing mama to 19-month-old Luca.  She is a fierce animal lover, a world traveler, a protective and loving wife, daughter, and sister, and a ridiculously stunning model and commercial actress.

She was my first friend in LA.

Intimidating?  You bet your ass.

But under that stunning exterior is the softest, kindest heart and most generous and compassionate soul.

She’s one of those people that’s so nice you can’t help but love them even though your initial instinct is to be so jealous that your brain explodes into a thousand little green envy monsters.

Read on… you’ll love her.


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