Promises To Our Son


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My husband and I recently celebrated the 15 year anniversary of when we started dating…8 years of marriage.

We sat on our balcony (I was still on bed rest so balcony was SUPER exciting.) and wrote some promises to our son.  I know this list will evolve as he gets older, and that promise is a strong word…but we will try our hardest…and it’s a start.

I re-read it this morning.  And then I cried.




Our Promisesadmin-ajax

admin-ajax (2) to make silly faces   admin-ajax (2) to be patient   admin-ajax (2)to jump in puddles   admin-ajax (2) to be kind   admin-ajax (2) to wrestle  admin-ajax (2) to read   admin-ajax (2) to cloud watch   admin-ajax (2) to teach you to ride a bike   admin-ajax (2) to cuddle   admin-ajax (2) to take care of you when you’re sick   admin-ajax (2) or when you are hurt   admin-ajax (2) to whine back at you when you whine at us   admin-ajax (2) to explore   admin-ajax (2) to get dirty   admin-ajax (2) to go on adventures   admin-ajax (2) to be polite   admin-ajax (2) to make pizza    admin-ajax (2) to go bug hunting   admin-ajax (2) to do crafts   admin-ajax (2) to go on scavenger hunts   admin-ajax (2) to have dance parties   admin-ajax (2) to garden   admin-ajax (2) to share   admin-ajax (2) to go camping   admin-ajax (2) to go fishing   admin-ajax (2) to go hiking   admin-ajax (2) to make popcorn and have movie nights   admin-ajax (2) to encourage curiosity   admin-ajax (2) to play with legos   admin-ajax (2) to bake cookies   admin-ajax (2) to build rockets and spaceships   admin-ajax (2) to save the boxes so you can play with them   admin-ajax (2) to time travel   admin-ajax (2) to play airplane   admin-ajax (2) to give you choices   admin-ajax (2) to support your passions   admin-ajax (2) to give you responsibility   admin-ajax (2) to play make believe   admin-ajax (2) to build forts   admin-ajax (2) to sneak vegetables into your food so we don’t fight about them   admin-ajax (2) to look at the stars   admin-ajax (2) to sing   admin-ajax (2) to have snowball fights   admin-ajax (2) to go sledding   admin-ajax (2) to play with animals   admin-ajax (2) to play music   admin-ajax (2) to tickle you   admin-ajax (2) to kiss you even when you don’t want us to   admin-ajax (2) to throw you onto the bed  admin-ajax (2) to listen   admin-ajax (2) to believe in you   admin-ajax (2) to bear hug   admin-ajax (2) to try to understand your side   admin-ajax (2) to be positive   admin-ajax (2) to let you earn things   admin-ajax (2) to play games   admin-ajax (2) to teach you sports   admin-ajax (2) to be active   admin-ajax (2) to help you work through feelings

admin-ajax (2) to tell you we love you every day, because it’s very true.

love, mom & dad


What are your promises to your children?

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