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photo: caitlin custer

You’re pregnant.  Uncomfortable.  And super grumps.  These things will help.

admin-ajax (2) 1. Comfy MATERNITY clothes

I can’t comment on work clothes, since my job is weird and I can basically live in pajamas, and I foolishly thought I could get away with wearing my own yoga and pajama pants throughout my pregnancy.  I would just wear them really low, under the belly.  HAH.   This sort of worked for about 6 months…meaning I decided that constant pelvic pressure was normal and not from the waist band of my favorite leggings.  Then I went up to San Francisco to shoot for GAP, and they gave me actual maternity yoga pants to put on…and my brain exploded from happiness.  The pants above are my favorite… harem style, light as clouds.  I had to get a second pair after a month because I’ve worn them almost all the way through.  Anything from the “modal” line is super soft and awesome.

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