Cobble Mountain's Hammock Chair

Thing to Love Hard: Cobble Mountain Hammock Chair

I have never fallen in love so hard.

With a chair.

My friend Briana had one of these in her nursery and I pretty much lost my mind when I saw it.  I had to have one.  Immediately.

I ordered it the next day (not kidding) and the love affair is still going strong a year later.  As shown, it was hung in our bedroom for the first 8 months or so, but is currently in the backyard hanging from a stand Briana had.  (I owe her…not my firstborn, maybe my second.)

I love supporting small business and artists, and the folks at Cobble Mountain Hammock Co. are both.

Here’s the statement from Gordon Kittridge, the president of the company, on the website:

At Cobble Mountain Hammock Company, all of our products are made the old fashioned way: by hand. In a century old bobbin mill located in the hills of Vermont, local folks carry on the tradition of handcrafting products. The oak we use is harvested from sustainable forests and the rope is a special blend that comes to us from Tennessee.

Since starting the company in 1982 our guiding principles have centered on product quality and customer satisfaction. Pride in quality and craftsmanship is evident by the Vermont artisans’ autographed card attached to every hammock chair we build.

We are happy that Cobble Mountain Hammock Company is an integral part of our small community here in Corinth … local people mutually supporting each other is a great way to live and good for our planet!

Seriously…they’re wonderfully made.  Sturdy, gorgeous, easy to use and comfy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go nap in mine.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?  



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