Thing to Love Hard: Harry Potter Audiobooks

harry potter

Hi.  I’m Katie.  I’m 31.  And I love Harry Potter.

I am not ashamed.

I love those books with a fury and a passion usually reserved for dark chocolate with peanut butter and travels to far and distant lands.

I love the books, I sort of love the movies, but I really, REALLY, love the audio books.

They are read by the immeasurable Jim Dale.  He’s like my third grandpa.  He has no idea and would probably be creeped out if he knew how hard I love him, but he makes those stories come alive and grab you and pull you into a world of magic and friendship and AAAAAGGGHHHHH I LOVE IT SO HARD.

Plus, in Los Angeles, you spend approximately 18 hours a day in the car, so good listening material is a must.

Do yourself a favor and download them on Audible.

(warning- you may fall asleep listening to them in your driveway.)



What’s your favorite Audio Book?


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