Words from Baby Land – Week One

Conversations with my husband and mom in our first 3 days home from the hospital.

admin-ajax (2)Day 1 at home… 5 days old

Me: I have no idea if I’m doing anything right…

Mom: Anything that happens in the first week doesn’t count.

First two weeks.

Maybe the first month.

This is about survival.

admin-ajax (2)PREACH, MOM.


admin-ajax (2)Day 2 at home…6 days old

It’s 3:45.

Fast asleep.  

Full, drooling, body melted into the bed level deep sleep.

I awake in full panic.


Husband: “WHAT?”  Patting the bundle in my arms… “He’s right here!”

Me: Um

“That’s a pillow.”

Stare at each other in terror.

Slowly realize it’s 3:45pm.

We have been sleeping for 20 minutes.

My mom has the baby.

In the living room.  

admin-ajax (2)Winning.


admin-ajax (2) Day 3 at one…One week old

Me: I’m gonna take a shower today!

Husband: Me too!

Me: We are starting to be people!

Husband: Well.

(looks at the drugged-up, boob-leaking, granny-panty-wearing, doubled-over-c-section-recovering, hairy-legged, spit-up-covered cave person that used to be his wife)

Sort of.

We are occasionally surfacing for people-dom.

admin-ajax (2)Truth.


Life with a newborn.

Week One.



What are your favorite new baby moments?



  • Lynn

    Second night home I asked my husband to grab the baby she was fussing and I was pulling out my boobs….He handed me a teddybear. He also tried to swaddle said bear. Lol. It gets easier.
    Not sure if you are Breast feeding. If not, cabbage leaves in a sports bra dries it up very quick.

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